App Status Key

 “Active” = Student is complete and on track to receive a scholarship for the upcoming school year.

“Application Awarded” = New Student Commitment Form is now available for the school to complete.

“Application/Renewal Incomplete” = Application is incomplete and family has been notified to provide missing documentation.  See “Financials Pending Comments” section to see what is still needed to complete application.

“Application/Renewal In-Process” = Family or School requested an application link be emailed to family to complete application, but family has not yet submitted application.

Application/Renewal Submitted” = Application has been submitted for BASIC Fund to review for the upcoming school year.

“Application/Renewal Verified” = BASIC Fund has reviewed and determined application/renewal application is complete.

“Declined Award” = Family or school informed us that family will not be accepting scholarship for new student. No scholarship was awarded.

“Did Not Meet Qualifications” = New family is not eligible for following reasons: over financial guidelines, already enrolled in Private school or not entering grades PreK – 8th.

“Ineligible” = Renewing family is over financial guidelines and not eligible to receive scholarship.

“Ineligible Pending” = BASIC Fund will review and determine if renewing family will meet renewal leeway.

“Renewal Available” = Family has access to renewal application but has not yet submitted application for the upcoming school year.

“Withdrawn” = Family or school withdrew student from The BASIC Fund.


Our mission is to broaden the educational opportunities for low-income families around the Bay Area by helping them afford the cost of tuition at the private school of their choice.

Scholarships are available to students entering PreK-8th grade to attend private schools in all nine Bay Area Counties.

The BASIC Fund is a privately funded 501(c)3 organization.

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